The Cooler Studio

The Cooler is a music, audio and video production studio located in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Setup

The studio comprises three proper recording spaces — including a large mixing/chilling room — and can accommodate a live band or choir. I have a mic for every occasion, including an AKG-414 that sounds sublime on voices, acoustic guitars — everything — especially when I run it through my premium, Universal Audio valve pre-amp. Once I’ve got that sweet sound in the box, the rest is gravy.

The Services

The Rates

  • ZAR600/hour for recording and mixing. Package rates for large projects are negotiable.
  • My production rate is ZAR7000/song. This does not include mastering or session musicians.
  • Contact me to discuss the composition and production of original music for sync.
  • Video Production: Contact me to discuss your project or send a brief and I will return a quote.


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