Maxhoba Mixed at The Cooler

Maxhoba mixed his new cd “Makin’ History” at The Cooler. This is the first video from the album. Nice job Lumko. Maxhoba describes his sound as Urban Soul and has the voice to back it up. A whole lotta soul in that voice. A whole lotta traditional African and modern influences grace the mix too. […]

Local Celebrity Album Wrapped

Local Celebrity (aka Ntsika Seoka, aka Hiphopsosha, aka 2 da Xha) is a potent new talent on the Hip-Hop scene who has just finished recording vocals for and mixing his debut album at The Cooler. With Ntsika’s rap/verbal skills, a host of rock solid beats, Mosese Semenya’s production chops, and a bit of The Cooler […]

Redhand Plays Natal Festivals

Redhand hit the road big time last month playing both the White Mountain Folk Festival and the Durban International Blues Festival within about a week of each other (with two Jozi gigs in between). First was The White Mountain Folk Festival which is a wonderfully intimate, family-friendly event set in the beautiful central Drakensburg. We […]

DJ Qness Records Vocals at The Cooler

DJ Qness dropped by recently to record vocals for a new track he’s working on. I often do this for house and hip hop artists who know that a great vocal recording adds heaps of production value to their projects for relatively little cost. These artists take all the time they need to perfect their beats and rehearse before […]