Carry You Home by Beautiful Losers

Carry You Home by Beautiful Losers is the latest release from local indie record label, Songsmiths. It’s an acoustic guitar based love song. Pretty straightforward, but I did do something in the production of the track that you might find interesting.

At the end of the song there’s a meditative vocal part. It’s a stack of vocals, humming the melodic theme. It’s a really nice way to end the song, but I felt that it wasn’t enough. I needed to add something to lift the track a little more and I thought a pipe organ would do the trick. But there was already a keyboard part in that section and, with the addition of the vocal melody, I didn’t think I could add a new organ line without gumming up the mix.

My solution was to play the humming melody on the organ in a higher register than the vocal. I wasn’t introducing a new melody, so it didn’t muddy up the track. And playing it up high filled out the arrangement and let the part soar over the rest of the mix as an ambient element that can almost be felt more than heard. It had exactly the effect I was looking for.