Cool Stuff

Cool Stuff

Welcome To Soweto

This is a video my friend, Bongani and I made for fun. I had the idea and a camera and he had his sites set on an acting career, so we agreed to knock it out commando-style. On the day of the shoot, I picked up Bongani at his home[…]

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Redhand Wishes You A Red Hot 2016

The Redhand Blues Band wishes you a red hot 2016! We’re already off to a great start here in Johannesburg — 38 degrees on Thursday! You will excuse us if we take off our suit jackets. 2015 was cool. We played for weddings, a den of dentists, corporate events, a[…]

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Shooting A Music Video on a Budget – Production

If you or a friend of yours has a nice camera, you may be thinking about self-producing your music video. Ok, cool. You can do it. Maybe the first one won’t be good enough for MTV, but who cares? We have YouTube. Did you read my last blog entry about[…]

Al from Stray Natives in the recording studio

Preparing Your Band for the Recording Studio Part 2

So you have arranged and rehearsed your songs until you can all play your parts backwards and in perfect time with feeling while standing in a freezer. Time to head into the studio. But first… You, drummer, get some new sticks and heads. A full set of heads is pretty expensive,[…]