In Studio – Music

In Studio – Music

National Incident Records Live at the Cooler

New Band on the Block National Incident is a dynamic new Joburg-based rock band whose music is sprinkled with elements of funk, reggae and pop. The band is composed of two guitarists (one of whom sings lead), a drummer and a bassist and they recently recorded their new song live at[…]

rob luce - mixing engineer - at the mixing desk

How To Prepare a Song For Mixing

If you want to your music to sound world class, you should have it mixed by a professional mixing engineer. He or she can bring a lot to your song both musically and sonically. Sonically because they have trained ears, lots of experience and good plug-ins. Musically because they can[…]

Sihle Mente - Garden of Eden - Afro Soul

Garden of Eden by Sihle Mente

Sihle wants to say Happy Valentine’s Day to South Africa by giving away his inspiring new track “Garden of Eden”. If you like the track, download it, share it with your friends! Connect with Sihle on Facebook.

Gun (Welcome to Johannesburg)

One of my own creations and possibly the first song I recorded in The Cooler (can’t remember). Just remixed and remastered it. Enjoy the journey into the brain of a paranoid Joburger.