Redhand Blues Band Storms the Dunes of Namibia

  Redhand Blues Band braved blowing sand and scorching sun in Walvis Bay, Namibia to perform for the launch of a new Freightliner, the best trucking truck in the world. I have never been to such an otherworldly place. What an amazing experience. Thank you Freightliner, Witch and Wizard, The[…]

Redhand in Sony Video

A big thanks to Tanz Cafe for recommending Redhand Blues Band to the producers of this video. Thanks also to Momoko and the team from Tokyo. Great working with you all. Sincerely, Rob “Smiley” Luce

Redhand at Splashy Fen 2011

It’s just a crummy cell phone vid…but listen to that crowd! Real video coming soon. This is Redhand about to play what must be the last song of Splashy Fen 2011. Thanks to Pedro and everyone who braved the cold that Easter Sunday night. We had a blast.

Redhand Plays Natal Festivals

Redhand hit the road big time last month playing both the White Mountain Folk Festival and the Durban International Blues Festival within about a week of each other (with two Jozi gigs in between). First was The White Mountain Folk Festival which is a wonderfully intimate, family-friendly event set in[…]