It’s important for singers to learn how to “work the mic” like Ed here. If you maintain the same position relative to the mic through loud and soft passages you not only run the risk of clipping or overdriving the capsule, you are going to have to hit a compressor pretty hard to tame the performance.

On the other hand, if you do “work the mic” by turning away from or increasing the distance between you and the microphone during loud passages, you get a more even and tonally interesting recording. Even, because you are using distance and/or position to control your level and tonally interesting because when you back off the mic, it will record a more ambient sound. Soft sections will sound as if the vocal is being whispered in your ear and loud sections will sound bigger and more powerful.

Ed wasn’t too sure if he was going to sing the chorus in a subdued falsetto or belt it out. Listen to how the tone changes when he shifts to belting it out. Nice. 

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