'Gimme Sugar' by Beautiful Losers

Songsmiths has just released a new single that was produced at The Cooler. The song is ‘Gimme Sugar’ by Beautiful Losers and while the track does feature a couple of electric guitars, it has a down-home, acoustic feel. The upright bass and the brushes on the drums certainly have a lot to do with that.

I recorded everything but the bass with Chris before South Africa went on lockdown so, if I wanted to finish the track, I had to organize a remote recording with an upright bass player. Luckily, I was in a band with such a bassist for 15 years. His name is Martin and he’s not only a great upright bass player, he also has a decent home recording setup.

I sent Martin the bass-less track along with the chords and a brief. The song was screaming for a certain, obvious performance, but we both wanted to find something unique. Nevertheless, after a few back and forths, we settled on the obvious performance. We couldn’t escape it. The song is the master!