Music Recording & Production

Recording and producing music are different processes. Recording is when your band rocks up, sets up and I press record. Of course, I always take care in how I set up for recording and how I handle the mix. I will also make suggestions on how I think performances can be improved upon, but it’s not always easy for a musician or band to make changes in the studio.

Producing is when I meet you before you come into the studio. I might record a rehearsal or go to a gig. I might suggest changes to the structure or performance of your songs. When I produce, I experiment with different sounds and find ways to make songs … more. Engaging an experienced producer is the best way for you to take your music to the next level.


  • Studio time for recording and mixing is ZAR600/hour. 
  • Demo package: R4000 for 4-songs. Live recording, mix and basic mastering. 10 hour limit.
  • My production rate is ZAR7000/song. This does not include mastering or session musicians.


All of the music on this website has been professionally mastered, except for “Something’s Gotta Give” by Shan. I’ve included that track on this page, not just because it’s super-catchy, but also because I mastered it myself. The Cooler is not a mastering studio and I am not a mastering engineer, but I will be happy to master any track I produce for you for free.  I will also give you a hi-res version of the track that you can have mastered by a specialist.

Rob's cool and calm nature is a testament to his professionalism and experience. His studio... is a safe space to unleash creativity as an artist. With a keen ear for melodies, rhythm and rhyme, he guides the entire song making process with ease.