You’ve got a song. Now what? You need a video.
As soon as MTV switched on in 1981, video became an essential marketing tool for labels and musicians. That may be even more true in this age of online self-promotion. The market is crowded and you need a way to set yourself apart. Live videos and casual web vids shot on your phone have their place, but you should also think about producing a professional video with good sound. That means shooting a properly lit vid that you edit to an existing studio recording.
I will work with you to develop and produce a video that respects your music and your budget. From a complex concept video (see above) to a simple performance vid (see below) I can make it happen. And even if you go for the simple option, I will make sure your video has elements of depth and quality. Maybe I achieve that with skilled camera work and editing, or maybe I get that through having a sense of humour or clever twist.
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still from music video in recording studio