Carry You Home by Beautiful Losers

Carry You Home by Beautiful Losers Carry You Home by Beautiful Losers is the latest release from local indie record label, Songsmiths. It’s an acoustic guitar based love song. Pretty straightforward, but I did do something in the production of the track that you might find interesting. At the end of the song there’s a […]

Temple by Beautiful Losers

De-Essing on Temple by Beautiful Losers Songsmiths has recently released Temple by South African Rock band, Beautiful Losers. I produced the track here at The Cooler and it was one of the bigger mixes I have taken on. In addition to all the vocals, guitars, etc. the band wanted to add orchestral elements to create […]

Introducing Dylan Warren

Introducing Dylan Warren An old friend/bandmate recently brought his son, Dylan, by the studio so I could hear him sing and record a quick demo. It was Dylan’s first time in the studio and there were some hiccups, but raw talent got him through the session and the results speak for themselves. Well done, […]

Online Mix Comp Winner!

Online Mix Comp Winner! The winner of my online mix competition is Henick Jean Baptiste a.k.a. OH3! His submission was an alternative pop song called ‘Sad Love’. I picked the song because I thought it was a really creative arrangement and I liked the sounds, which were saturated/overdriven. I thought I could use my valve […]

‘Gimme Sugar’ by Beautiful Losers

‘Gimme Sugar’ by Beautiful Losers Songsmiths has just released a new single that was produced at The Cooler. The song is ‘Gimme Sugar’ by Beautiful Losers and while the track does feature a couple of electric guitars, it has a down-home, acoustic feel. The upright bass and the brushes on the drums certainly have a […]