Recording Guitars on “Mexico” by Club of Suns

I’ve always been pretty cautious when it comes to recording. I reckoned that it’s the smart way to work when re-recording parts is rarely an option. So, I’ve pretty much always chosen to avoid adding too much tone, too soon, by recording vocals dry and guitars DI (I could always put a mic on it […]

Cooler Produced Music Video for Robin Timm

Artist Robin Timm has been busy self-producing his new album, Perceptions, and Boogie on Down is the first single.  A couple of months ago, Robin approached me to produce a music video for the track and we hit it, guerilla style. Robin found a good place to shoot (needed that club lighting), my buddy Neil […]

Acoustic Guitar in Rock Recordings

I’ve written a bit about recording Isadora in a previous post. I wrote about how it took me a minute to find the core of this song because I thought I had it, but I didn’t, and I wasn’t looking for it cuz I though I had it . . .