Online Mixing & Production


Simply send me your separates/stems and I will send back a tasty, 24-bit, stereo mix. I use high-quality plug-ins, analog gear and my experienced ears to sculpt warm, well-defined mixes.

  • Leave only essential effects (guitar amps, vocoders, etc.) on your separates. Remove reverbs, delays, eqs and compressors.
  • Remove master buss effects.
  • Seps/stems should be: 16 or 24 bit, 44.1 or 48kHz, wav or aiff files.
  • Include at least 2 lead vocal tracks.
  • 2 quick revisions.
  • Deliverables include a 24-bit, stereo, final mix and a complementary master.

Online Mixing is ZAR2000 per song.
This is negotiable depending on the complexity of the mix.


If your needs extend beyond mixing, I also offer online music production services. Send me your demo (voice and guitar or piano) and your brief and I will produce a new, fully-realized track for you with the help of world-class musicians and singers.

My online production rate is ZAR12000/song. This includes studio time and 2 session musicians/singers. Additional session musicians are ZAR2500 per 2 hour session. This includes studio time.

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