You know I’ve been doing these one-mic recordings for Songsmiths? Well, so far the musicians auditioning have played acoustic guitars, but Katleho arrived with an electric and a practice amp. Should I mic the amp separately? Nah.
I placed the amp on a chair facing Katleho and the vocal mic – in omni – pretty much the way I have been all along. I then had a listen to the guitar/voice balance and thought we should be hearing more guitar. Moving the amp a little closer to Katleho fixed the balance issue and we were off.
I think the recording turned out well. There isn’t even any bleed of the piano into the single mic even though it was playing loud enough in the studio for both musicians to hear it. This is because Katleho’s body stands between my studio speakers and the mic. Bodies are excellent sound absorbers.
Nice job and good luck, Katleho.

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