National Incident Records Live at the Cooler

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National Incident Records Live at the Cooler

New Band on the Block

National Incident is a dynamic new Joburg-based rock band whose music is sprinkled with elements of funk, reggae and pop. The band is composed of two guitarists (one of whom sings lead), a drummer and a bassist and they recently recorded their new song live at The Cooler.

Live Recording

Recording live is a great way to capture the energy of a band playing together, feeding off each other. I like to at least get a good drum take and guide vocal when I record a band playing together live. The drums are the foundation of the song, so if they’re solid, we can overdub the other instruments and vocals to get the best possible production. But there are less time-consuming paths to finalizing a live recording and National Incident took one of them. 

For this production, the full band recorded live and I did a “final mix” on the track. I sent a hi-res version of my mix to the band and they added pads and horn parts that they couldn’t perform live. Now they had their final mix. They took it for mastering and the rest is…listen above.

Build a Live Sound

But perhaps you are a band-less singer/songwriter and you want that live band sound.  In that case, I would suggest we record you playing your instrument and singing your song live. That way we get a synergy between your voice and instrument that’s part performance and part ambiance. Once we had a stupendous take of that setup, we would overdub additional vocals and instruments until the song sounds the way it does in your head. That way we get a vibey production of your song that gets it’s je ne said quoi from the live performance at it’s core…it’s something to try anyway.