Producing a Video on a Budget – Music Video Editing

musicians and extras on set of a music video shoot

What is Post Production? I’m going to discuss music video editing, but first a little bit about post production. Video post production is where the final product is crafted through colour correction, editing and the application of visual effects. It ain’t just editing. In the commercial post production world, there are people and facilities that specialize […]

Shooting A Music Video on a Budget – Production

Redhand, blues band, function band, party band, redhand blues, wedding band, corporate entertainment

If you or a friend of yours has a nice camera, you may be thinking about self-producing your music video. Ok, cool. You can do it. Maybe the first one won’t be good enough for MTV, but who cares? We have YouTube. Did you read my last blog entry about pre-production? If you haven’t, go […]

Shooting A Music Video on a Budget – Pre Production

A still from RazorKutt's Umjuluko Kwaito music video.

Your EP or album is in the can and you’re ready to start promoting it. I assume you are already gigging because you shouldn’t head into the recording studio until you have had significant experience playing live. Keep it up. You will also want to sample a single to as many relevant radio stations as […]

Cooler Productions and RazorKutt Present: Umjuluko (Gonna Make U Sweat)

A still from RazorKutt's Umjuluko music video

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Thank you to RazorKutt and all of their friends who gave so generously of their time and swagger to make this video feel like a party. Thank you to Neil at The Studio and Dylan at Screensize. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks to Mike Burts for getting off the canvas for […]