Recording a Voiceover for Sobek IT

recording voiceover with sobek IT

Sobek IT was in studio today to record a voiceover for a video that illustrates the benefits of their Bid to Service app. The app is a cool idea and I look forward to seeing the final production. Thanks Rico and Co.

Recording Electric Guitar and Vocals With One Microphone

recording katlehos vocals and electric guitar with one mic

You know I’ve been doing these one-mic recordings for Songsmiths? Well, so far the musicians auditioning have played acoustic guitars, but Katleho arrived with an electric and a practice amp. Should I mic the amp separately? Nah. I placed the amp on a chair facing Katleho and the vocal mic – in omni – pretty […]

Preparation Makes for the Best Recordings

When I was first getting into recording, there was a lot of talk about whether gear or engineering skills had the most impact on the quality of a recording.  A lot of newbies (like me) were setting up home studios and we had to decide how to spend our budgets most effectively. Do we buy […]

Compressing Audio for a Live Music Performance Video

rocker danny meaker rolling up his sleeves in preparation for his songsmiths audition

Most of us know what it sounds like when you’re sitting in a room, listening to someone play acoustic guitar and sing. So, when you see a video of a guy in a room playing a guitar and singing, you have an expectation of how it should sound. That’s my theory anyway. The first time […]

Recording Acoustic Guitar and Vocals with One Mic

matt levings one mic recording

I’m loving these Songsmiths recordings. Songs played in their simplest form captured by one mic. Simple, beautiful. Recording acoustic guitar and a vocal with one mic eliminates the phase issues that can crop up when using separate mics on voice and instrument. In that 2-mic scenario, each mic picks up a bit of what the […]