Hayley Chooses Living Room Over Studio

hayley recording audition on my home piano

14-year-old Hayley chose to play the piano in my house for her Songsmiths audition instead of recording in the studio (eish, but the piano needs a bit of attention, sorry). I set up my portable recording device on top of the piano where it could capture more voice than instrument, and I’m happy with the results. […]

Jaco Labuschagne is First to Record His Songsmiths Audition In-Studio

Jaco Labuschagne recording his Songsmiths audition in The Cooler recording studio

I recorded Jaco and his guitar with a single mic. No worrying about bleed and phase-cancellation. I did worry that I wouldn’t get the right balance between the voice and the guitar. Can’t do much to change that once it’s recorded. Well done, good luck and thanks for coming through, Jaco. To learn how to […]

National Incident Records Live at the Cooler

New Band on the Block National Incident is a dynamic new Joburg-based rock band whose music is sprinkled with elements of funk, reggae and pop. The band is composed of two guitarists (one of whom sings lead), a drummer and a bassist and they recently recorded their new song live at The Cooler. Live Recording Recording […]

Sihle Mente’s “Garden of Eden” Shows Promise

Since shooting this video, Sihle and I have been working on a full production of “Garden of Eden” and we’re just about done. I put the final touches on the mix today and will have it mastered by Saturday for Sihle to pick up. Not sure when he will be releasing it but stay tuned, […]