Songsmiths — K-Jo — The Dilemma

Ooo, this is a good one. I’m very proud to have produced this haunting, mesmerizing song by a very talented young singer/songwriter who goes by the name “K-Jo”. The track starts with her looping guitar harmonics and slowly builds to a lush, orchestral finale. Nice. The Dilemma is available on all major online music platforms. […]

Spaceman’s Vertigo by Club of Suns

spacemans vertigo cover art indie rock by club of suns

Songsmiths’ first release is an indie rock song by Club of Suns called Spaceman’s Vertigo (listen below). Recorded and produced by me (Rob) at The Cooler, of course. A couple of different – but also great – songs from COS are currently in the works. They’re less guitar-heavy than Spaceman, instead relying on a keyboard for the […]

Recording Electric Guitar and Vocals With One Microphone

recording katlehos vocals and electric guitar with one mic

You know I’ve been doing these one-mic recordings for Songsmiths? Well, so far the musicians auditioning have played acoustic guitars, but Katleho arrived with an electric and a practice amp. Should I mic the amp separately? Nah. I placed the amp on a chair facing Katleho and the vocal mic – in omni – pretty […]

How To Prepare a Song For Mixing

rob luce - mixing engineer - at the mixing desk

If you want to your music to sound world class, you should have it mixed by a professional mixing engineer. He or she can bring a lot to your song both musically and sonically. Sonically because they have trained ears, lots of experience and good plug-ins. Musically because they can help with arranging and “producing” […]