Preparing Your Band for the Recording Studio Part 2

Al from Stray Natives in the recording studio

So you have arranged and rehearsed your songs until you can all play your parts backwards and in perfect time with feeling while standing in a freezer. Time to head into the studio. But first… You, drummer, get some new sticks and heads. A full set of heads is pretty expensive, so if you’re on a […]

South African Music on UK Radio

“Hey Rob. Our songs made an unexpected debut in the UK. Radio Scarborough. Got wonderful reviews. The production sounded awesome.” Kevin P., Cooler Client

RazorKutt – Umshado Ka Themba – The Making of The Video

This is the making of the video for Umshado Ka Themba, the first single off RazorKutt’s upcoming album, 1st Kutt. I’m blown away by Shotgun and Mapensela’s talent, energy and work ethic. They are in a league of their own. Great guys too.