This straight-ahead, hard rock song was a lot of fun to play and record, but I don’t have a heck of a lot to say about it’s production. The one production idea that sticks out in my mind is my decision to mute all the instruments on the third beat of the last bar of the chorus. As recorded, the guitars and bass were ringing out until they had to come back in for the verse. Muting them a beat earlier provides a break between the bombast of the chorus and the sparse beginning of the verse.
I also think of the pause as a rhythm element that actually helps drive the song forward. It’s counter-intuitive to think of silence as part of rhythm, but rhythm isn’t just about where you play, but where you don’t. An artist would call it “negative space.” Call me crazy, but I think that silence may be my biggest contribution to the production of These Days. It’s a small thing that made a big difference.

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