This is a video my friend, Bongani and I made for fun. I had the idea and a camera and he had his sites set on an acting career, so we agreed to knock it out commando-style.
On the day of the shoot, I picked up Bongani at his home in Soweto and we headed off to get the car washed so it would have plenty of sparkle for the video. Worried about the losing the light, I cut the wash short and we headed off to a hotel parking lot to shoot the first scenes. We shot without pause for 3 hours and didn’t even have to wait for the sun to be in the perfect position for the final shot. It just worked out that way. I love it when something comes together like that.
Thanks Bongani and RazorKutt. Thank you people of Soweto. No thank you to my auto-focus. I’m manual from now on.